Trauma-Informed Yoga

A growing body of research demonstrates trauma-informed yoga is an effective method to support recovery from symptoms associated with:

  • stress and post-traumatic stress

  • depression disorders

  • anxiety disorders

  • insomnia

  • chronic pain

Stress and trauma leave an imprint within our bodies, and can impact our mental, emotional, and physical health in many ways. Trauma-informed yoga can support the release of cumulative stress and trauma in a safe environment, where the practitioner has total choice and control over their body and their yoga experience. Through synchronizing movement with breath, learning grounding and centering practices, and becoming aware of our bodies' natural process and rhythms, we can return our nervous systems to a balanced state. With time and practice, we can learn to notice our own emotions before they lead to impulse behaviors, gain control over our thought processes and feelings, regulate our reactions to events and experiences, and be in healthier, happier relationships with our Selves and others. 

Trauma-informed yoga is facilitated in a way that is tailored to the experience of individuals with symptoms of trauma, such as anxiety, depression/fatigue, or post-traumatic stress. Trauma-informed yoga involves:

  • a safe, welcoming, confidential space in which to practice

  • little to no verbal processing

  • no hands-on assists or adjustments, unless specifically requested by the practitioner and only after a conversation about informed consent

  • an emphasis on self-empowerment, choice, and control over the yoga experience by the practitioner

  • yoga sequences and postures that are adapted to each individual's physical or mobility limitations and current nervous state 

  • breathing exercises that support balance of the nervous system

  • skills and tools practitioners can take off the mat and use in their daily lives to regulate emotions, respond (rather than react) to triggers, and maintain presence

I have offered trauma-informed yoga to a variety of individuals and groups who all sought yoga as a body-based tool for healing. In 2013, I co-founded Firefly Yoga International which offers trauma-informed yoga to survivors of emotional and/or physical trauma. Firefly's 2015 program evaluations showed participants in a 12-week trauma-informed yoga program experienced decreases in anxiety, depression, insomnia and PTSD, and increases in mindfulness and ability to regulate emotions. 

If you are interested in trying trauma-informed yoga as a way to reconnect with your body and/or improve symptoms, please contact me. We will meet in advance of our first yoga session to get to know each other, and discuss your needs and questions.

Trauma-informed yoga is appropriate for All Bodies. No prior yoga experience necessary; no level of physical fitness necessary.

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